The new Caliburn GK2 – full of flavor

the new caliburn GK2

The new Uwell Caliburn GK2 is out now!

We tested the device.

The packaging is very nicely done, unpacking is a real pleasure and you’re excited to see what you’re holding in your hand.

Kawumm there is the new Caliburn GK2. A beautiful vape. He is laying warm in the hand.

After we have filled the Caliburn GK2 with our favorite e-liquid we draw on the GK2. Wohooo what a flavor machine. The taste is spot on. And again we pull on the GK2…wow. A really really good vape. It fits in any pocket or handbag. One battery charge lasts more than 1.5 days.

It is light to carry and handle with the lanyard included with a comfortable grip to take with you wherever you go.

With a perfect combination of cyberpunk, steampunk and the futuristic; the KOKO-shaped light bars will shine on curved glass shine dazzlingly,
making you stand out in the crowd. Another stellar feature of the Caliburn GK2 is the all-new light and vibration interaction. It helps to show different colours at different power levels. It also vibrates to indicate different working states like low voltage, over time, open circuit, and cartridge install.

An ideally built-in feature is the abilty with the adjustment wheel to control the precise airflow at your own will, allowing the flavour and vapour production to be controlled by the user. You can top fill the Caliburn GK2 without having pull out the pod cartridge that allows for more convenient and faster refills. The transparent window design allows you to get the e-liquid level at any time as well. The Caliburn GK2 is compatible with up to 3 Caliburn G Series coils that allow for multiple choice of tastes for you. Two of the coils (0.8Ω & 1.2Ω) are included in this kit.

The Vapodz team give the new Uwell Caliburn GK2

the new caliburn GK2