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Europe’s largest vape shop also delivers to the Netherlands. We offer you more than 9000 vape products from all major vape categories. All of our e-liquids and cbd products are produced in Europe, Switzerland and the UK.

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You wanna quit smoking?

From a medical point of view, e-cigarettes are not an officially recognized means of smoking cessation. Nevertheless, many former smokers report how much the e-cigarette has helped them to give up the old vice. Many former smokers and beginners in the field of e-cigarettes find their personal entry via so-called entry-level sets.

These mostly consist of a fully equipped e-cigarette (battery carrier and vaporizer) or an all-in-one device and allow you to start vaping without much detours. For beginners, only beginner sets are by no means suitable, just as experienced and demanding vaping professionals can still enjoy using these sets. However, experience shows that some models are particularly suitable for switching.

Often, beginners do not use e-cigarettes that are too extensive in terms of user-friendliness. In this way, those changing and newcomers will find the easiest possible entry and can concentrate on the essentials – the pleasure of vaping!

What are e-Liquids?

E-liquids are liquids that are vaporized in the vape. E-liquids consist of base, aroma and possibly nicotine.

The main component of liquids is the so-called base. These bases in turn consist mainly of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetarian glycerin (VG) as well as potentially some distilled water.

The respective mixing ratio of these three components determines the quality of the liquid. While VG-heavy liquids are thicker and produce particularly dense clouds, PG acts as the main flavor carrier of the various natural and nature-identical aromas of the liquid.

Optionally, nicotine shots can be added to each liquid in various concentrations according to your own needs.

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